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Vacation Bible School is coming soon!!

VBS at Bethel is

July 29-Aug 1

6:00-8:15 pm

Registration coming soon!

Join us as we dive in and meet our God Who loves, Who we can trust, Who is forever and Who is for everyone!

Music, crafts and fun galore!

Worship Times


10:00 am Sunday Morning

Holy Communion

First two Sundays of the Month


8:30 am Sunday Morning

Holy Communion

Last two Sundays of the Month

PO Box 126

2429 Co. Hwy. 16

Porter, MN 56280




Pastor Munter's contact info:

Cell Phone - 507.828.1000 (call or text)

Home Phone - 507.296.4558

Videos of Worship Services can be watched on our Facebook page and our website shortly after the live-stream ends.

Audio of the Gospel and sermon are also available.

You can find links to the videos and audio on our Worship Page.

Bethel - 205 Spruce St

Porter, MN 56280

Hemnes -- 1496 County Road 8, Minneota, MN 56264

Our Locations

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