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Join us as we continue to celebrate our 150th year of worship and service.

God is good!

Worship Times

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10:00 am Sunday Morning

Sunday School - 9:15 am Sunday


8:30 am Sunday Morning

PO Box 126

2429 Co. Hwy. 16

Porter, MN 56280




Pastor Munter's contact info:

Cell Phone - 507.828.1000 (call or text)

Home Phone - 507.296.4558

Videos of Worship Services can be watched on our Facebook page and our website shortly after the live-stream ends.

Audio of the Gospel and sermon are also available.

You can find links to the videos and audio on our Worship Page.

Bethel - 205 Spruce St

Porter, MN 56280

Hemnes -- 1496 County Road 8, Minneota, MN 56264

Our Locations

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