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Bethel Lutheran Church

a congregation of The Evangelical Church in America

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Simply Giving
Envelope Offering

Simply Giving

Simply Giving is a Program offered through Bethel Lutheran Church by Thrivent Financial Bank, a division of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.


Simply Giving Enrollment Form

Announcing the Simply Giving ProgramProvided through

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans


Vanco Services


We are happy to announce the availability of the Simply Giving program through Thrivent Financial for Lutherans at Bethel Lutheran Church. This modern method of giving your offering can be used as a convenience if you find yourself forgetting your weekly offering or cannot make it to church regularly. In our busy lives it is very easy to forget to write a check or get our envelopes ready for church, and it is becoming more important every year that we at Bethel make an effort to give regularly through offering.

We are offering two methods of payment through the Simply Giving Program:

  1. EFT Drafts from your Checking or Savings Account
    • Payments are automatically deducted from the Checking or Savings Account of your choice at a frequency of your choosing.
  2. Credit Card Payments
    • You can use your Mastercard, Visa Card or Discover Card to give electronically to the church.
    • Rewards provided by your credit card issuer will still be earned as they would for regular credit card purchases

Funds to which you can designate your offering through Simply Giving:



Capital Projects

Sunday School

Faith Chests


Memorials and donations to funds not listed above should be provided through regular Sunday Offerings or by mailing or giving them to the Financial Secretary. We cannot accept fund designations through the Simply Giving program that differ from those listed above.


Please Note: Simply Giving is not provided to Bethel Lutheran Church for free. Though we do not pay a monthly or annual fee to offer the program, there is a service charge deducted from each donation received through the program. If you have been giving regularly through our traditional envelope system we encourage you to continue doing so and not enroll in Simply Giving. If you do feel that Simply Giving will be more convenient for you we strongly encourage and hope that you will take advantage of this program! If you would like to know the specifics of the service fees associated with Simply Giving please contact the financial secretary.


Enclosed with this letter is the Simply Giving Enrollment Form. These forms must be filled out completely in order to enroll in the program and the original must be returned to the Financial Secretary for entry into the Simply Giving Program. The financial Secretary will call you to confirm your enrollment once the form is received. A Voided Check or Deposit Slip is required for EFT from your Checking or Savings Account.

You can discontinue your participation in the Simply Giving Program at any time by contacting the Financial Secretary. You will be required to fill out another Simply Giving Enrollment form that indicates your wish to discontinue your electronic contributions.

Your offerings given through Simply Giving will still be tracked through our standard Offering Envelope System allowing for reports to be generated for your tax purposes. If you enroll in the Simply Giving program you will be assigned a unique Simply Giving ID number that will be identified on your Offering Statement.

Cards will be available in the church narthex to be placed in the Offering Plate if you choose to use the Simply Giving Program. The symbolic act of giving is an important part of stewardship for many churches and these cards make it easy. If you choose you can place the card in the collection basket in lieu of an envelope. These cards also help to bring awareness of Electronic Giving to other members.


Thank you for your continued contributions to the work we do in the name of God and his son, our lord, Jesus Christ through acts of stewardship and words and prayers of support.

--The Bethel Lutheran Church Council

If you have any questions or are interested in the Simply Giving Program, please contact:

Josh Sumption, Financial Secretary

(507) 296-4497



Return your Enrollment Form by mail to:

Josh Sumption

PO Box 122

Porter, MN 56280



Or personally deliver the form to Josh Sumption

To ensure your enrollment form is kept secure please address it exactly as shown above. Because of the nature of the information on this form we ask that you not leave it at the church. All enrollment forms will be retained in a safe and secure location to protect your privacy.