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Bethel Lutheran Church

a congregation of The Evangelical Church in America

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 Maundy Thursday

April 13, 2017


Maundy Thursday is the beginning of the Triduum, or the Three Days—the ancient observance of the mystery of our salvation, which plunges the faithful into the death of Jesus and brings them with him to resurrection life. The Triduum is one worship service,  extending from Thursday evening through the Easter Vigil.

With nightfall our Lenten observance comes to an end, and we gather with Christians around the world to celebrate the Three Days of Jesus’ death and resurrection. At the heart of the Maundy Thursday liturgy is Jesus’ commandment to love one another. As Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, we are called to follow his example as we humbly care for one another, especially the poor and the unloved. At the Lord’s table we remember Jesus’ sacrifice of his life, even as we are called to offer ourselves in love for the life of the world

 Prayer of the Day

Let us pray. Holy God, source of all love, on the night of his betrayal, Jesus gave us a new commandment: To love one another as he loves us. By your Holy Spirit write this command-ment in our hearts and give us the will to serve others as he was servant of all, your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


Exodus 12:1-8, 11-14

Psalm 116:1, 10-17a

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

John 13:1-17, 31b-35