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Bethel Lutheran Church

a congregation of The Evangelical Church in America

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Envelope Offering
Envelope Offering System
Bethel Lutheran Church manages its offering donations through a Envelope system to ensure privacy, accuracy and ease for both our congregation and the Financial Secretery. Some have asked why some congregation members are assignd envelopes and some are not. The primary reason is costs of the envelopes. Each envelope book costs approximately $4.00 to create. In an effort to reduce costs and waste the Financial Secretery reviews donation records over a 3 year period. Those members who have been assigned envelopes for all 3 years and have not given any offering during those 3 years are taken off of the envelope list. On the other side any new members or members who request to have envevlopes are assigned an envelope number. You can still give offering to Bethel without using envelopes, but if you would like it recorded for tax purposes you must issue a check or place the cash in an envelope with your name on it.
Instructions for using the Envelope Offering System-

2012 Envelope Offering System

To help ensure accuracy in the record keeping of your contributions to Bethel Lutheran, please make an effort to use the envelopes provided for your regular contributions. If you have left-over envelopes from a previous year please discard them, or if you do use them make sure you cross out the envelope number on the envelope. In order to reduce the costs of printing envelopes we have been re-assigning numbers in the system.

Special offerings made by check will also be tracked, including memorials designated to Bethel Lutheran. Quarterly Statements will be printed and distributed in the church narthex. Your December statement will be mailed to you for tax purposes. To ensure proper reporting of your contributions, please have your final offering of the year to the financial secretary by the end of church services on the last Sunday in December.

Please take the time to fill out the information on the front of your envelopes, especially the “General” and “Other” donation amounts. When making a donation to the “Other” category, your donation will be deposited in the account for the church’s designated special category, which is currently the Capital Improvement/Reserve Fund. If you wish to donate to another special category, please make sure to note it on your envelope next to “Other” and also include the dollar amount you wish to contribute to that account on the line provided below “Other”. Doing so will ensure that your donation is deposited into the correct account.

Other Donation Categories for Designated Gifts (please note category on envelope):

Landscaping (outdoor plants and flowers)


Sunday School (and Vocational Bible School)


Sound Resources

Faith Chests

Roof Fund


Undesignated Memorials


Food Shelf


Gifts designated to a fund not listed above will be taken to the gift priority committee for designation.


If you have a memorial that you would like to designate to the Manna Fund you may do so through the envelope system as well. Please Indicate Manna Fund next to “Other” or mark a separate envelope.

If you have any questions or special requests regarding the offering system, please contact Josh Sumption, Financial Secretary at (507) 296-4497 or

If you wish to electronically donate to Bethel please inquire about the Simply Giving Program.