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Bethel Lutheran Church

a congregation of The Evangelical Church in America

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Annual Report

Bethel Lutheran Church Constitution and By Laws


From the Constitution and by laws

Executive Committee

C13.01  The president, vice president and the chairs of the boards of Deacons, Trustees and Education shall constitute the Executive Committee.


B6.03    Executive Committee:

The committee shall meet at the request of any committee member to consider urgent or sensitive congregational matters, which may arise. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for discussion and to recommend a course of action to the Congregational Council.


Use of the facilities:

B2.01    While the buildings of the congregation shall be open to all people to share in its worship, instruction, pastoral care and fellowship, ceremonies of lodges or worship services that are not Christian in nature shall not be permitted in the buildings or premises of the congregation.


Bethel Lutheran Church Guidelines

Reviewed 7/2002

Adopted 11/18/02

All of the guidelines below are to be reviewed each year and published in the annual report presented to all members at the annual meeting in January of each year.


Canby Area Ministerial Association

The pastor of Bethel congregation is encouraged to participate in CAMA, which is an ecumenical association of Christian churches in the Canby area. Their mission is to cooperatively provide faith based activities and programs for the Canby community.


Music Policy

All music to be used at Bethel must be discussed with the pastor and be appropriate to a Christian worship service.


Use of Church Facilities

There is a charge of $10.00 for members and $75.00 for non-members.

No charge for showers.


Baptism and Christian Education of Children

  1. Pastor will meet with the family prior to the baptism of their child. He/She will collect vital statistics for the secretary so she/he can prepare the appropriate certificates.

  2. Bethel ordinarily baptizes in the context of the regular Sunday service.

  3. Everyone baptized at Bethel will receive:

    1. A certificate of baptism

    2. A candle

    3. A faith chest

    4. A booklet with suggestions on how parents can use the faith chest in the Christian education of their child.

  4. As the children progress chronologically they will receive:

    1. An invitation to come to Sunday school at 3 years of age.

    2. A standard text children’s Bible at the beginning of Kindergarten.

    3. An adult bible at he beginning of 5th grade.

    4. A gift selected by the Board of Education at Confirmation.

    5. An appropriate High School Graduation gift.

5.Luther League activities will be provided for High School students. (9-12)


Holy Communion Guidelines:

1.      Bethel Lutheran provides an open table for Holy Communion.

2.Communion may be served by Intinction.

3.The majority of the individual communion glasses contain wine. A few glasses in each tray have white grape juice in them for those who wish not to use wine.

4.Deacons and other designated laypersons may assist the pastor in distributions of the elements.

5.The pastor, deacons or other designated laypersons will distribute Holy Communion monthly to shut-ins, nursing home residents, people in crisis, and others who are unable to attend services.

6.The pastor will provide instruction to lay assistants.


Wedding Guidelines

1.The pastor will conduct or arrange pre-martial counseling with people to be married at Bethel.

2.Altar furnishings are to remain in place during the wedding. This includes the altar paraments, which are t remain the liturgical color for that season.

3.Wedding bulletins are to be provided by the wedding party. The church secretary will prepare them only if special arrangements are made with her to do so.

4.Wedding may be part of the regular Sunday morning services.

5.No alcoholic beverages (expect for Holy Communion) may be served in the church building or its premises.

6.The music chosen must be appropriate for a Christian worship service and must be discussed with the pastor.

7.There is a charge of $10 for members and $75 for non-members for the use of the church facilities.

8.There is a custodial fee of $30 that is to be paid directly to the custodians.

9.Gratuity to the Pastor, Organist and Soloist and others is determined by discussion with those people and is paid directly to them. Bethel does not have set fees.

10.The church and its grounds are to be left in their usual neat and orderly condition.


New Member Guidelines          (This section needs to worked on in 2003)

1.All members are called to “make disciples of all nations”, to be aware of membership possibilities and to invite others to come to Bethel.

2.Prior to being received as a new member, the pastor will meet with the prospective members and discuss the fundamental beliefs of the ELCA and requirements of Bethel Lutheran Church membership.

3.To enable a new member to be more “in touch” with Bethel, an active member of Bethel will be asked to sponsor the new members for a period of one year. The sponsors will:

a.A. Introduce the new members to the congregation

b.Work with the new member(s) to prepare a bulletin board with a picture, names, and other pertinent information that will help the congregation to learn to know the new members more quickly.

c.Work with the Deacons to develop printed Sponsor Guidelines for future Bethel sponsors to follow.


4.New members will be received during a regular Sunday Morning Worship Service.


6.Goal: to help new members attain full membership comfort in 1 year.


Funeral Guidelines

1.Bethel Lutheran provides the use of the church facilities for a funeral, member or non-member alike. This is provided as a Christian service to the family.

2.Bethel WELCA provides food and fellowship for each funeral. This is served on a month by month rotation of the WELCA serving groups. Food donations may be made by calling the chairperson of the serving group or the President of WELCA. Sandwiches, cake, pickles and coffee will be served.

3.If the family desire anything else served, they are to be responsible for the ordering and delivery of a sufficient amount of that food to the church well in advance of serving time. It must be fully prepared and ready to serve.

4.Bethel has a funeral pall that may be used to cover the casket. The pall is stored, folded and hung on the back of the library door. It is to be returned there after each use. An American flag may be used at the request of the family.

5.Bethel does not furnish bulletins. If family wishes more that what the funeral home provides a single sheet order of service will be provided by the church.

6.Music to be used must be discussed with the pastor and be appropriate with a Christian worship service.

7.The funeral directors or the ushers/pastor/custodians will post a funeral program on the church bulletin board.


Bethel Lutheran Church Cemetery Guidelines

1.Harvey Syltie is the sexton.

2.One gravesite can be purchased for $50 a site.

3.A maintenance contribution is appreciated.

4.All caskets must have a permanent vault.

5.All lots must have head markers for each grave.


Manna Fund

The Bethel Lutheran Church Manna Fund was established October 9, 2000 as the result of a sincere desire to be good stewards’ of gifts received by Bethel.


Section II.1 of the Mission Statement states: We recognize that everything we have is a gift from God, and that we are not owners, but rather, stewards over his creation. Therefore we resolve to use the resources of the Manna Fund to support the mission of Bethel Lutheran Church both now and for years to come. It shall be used to support causes consistent with the mission of Christ as developed in the canon of Holy Scripture, both Old and New Testaments.


Gift Priority Committee

The Gift Priority Committee was established about the time the 1964 church was built to deal with gifts given to Bethel (Jan 28,1963). Its members are elected at each annual meeting. They are an advisory group that considers Bethel’s needs and recommends use of undesignated memorials and other gifts.


Women of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America


        1. All women of Bethel are automatically members of WELCA.

2. Membership in a Circle (Bible Study) group is encouraged.

3. All women are strongly encourage to participate in one of the monthly groups which will

provide them with the opportunity to serve their church in very needed and appreciated

ways such as:

    a. Altar care for that month including flowers, care of candles, changing of the paraments

and Holy Communion preparation.

    b. Cleaning of the windows in the narthex.

    c. Serving at funerals when your month’s rotation comes around.

    d. Opportunities to assist with other events sponsored by WELCA.


From the 1991 Bethel Lutheran Church Constitution: Statement Purpose

C4.01 The Church is a people created by God in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, called and sent to bear witness to God’s creative, redeeming and sanctifying activity in the world.


C4.02 To participate in God’s mission this congregation as a part of the Church shall:

a.Worship God

b.Proclaim God’s saving Gospel

c.Carry out Christ’s Great Commission

d.Serve in response to God’s love

e.Nurture its members in the Word of God

f.Join with other Christians in prayer and action.