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Bethel Lutheran Church

a congregation of The Evangelical Church in America

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Sunday School
Luther League
Adult Education
Vacation Bible School
Sunday School Teachers
There are many opportunities for continued Christian education after Sunday School and Confirmation. Here are a few websites to get you started:



This is a wonderful site for exploring all aspects of the Bible. There are maps, video, quizzes and reading/study plans. Definately something for everyone!

This is a .pdf file of the entire Large Catechism of Martin Luther. Most Lutherans have a passing knowledge of the Small Catechism, but not the Large. It was written by Luther for parents and teachers so that they could then teach the Small Catechism to their children and students.


Mt. Carmel Ministries is located north of Alexandria, MN and offers online devotions and Bible studies, links to audio of lectures and sermons and opportunities for retreats at their center.

The Book of Concord is the second most important book for Lutherans. (The first being the Bible!) These are the Confessions of Luther and later Reformers that describe what they believe and why. At ordination, every pastor is asked if they will acknowledge that the Confessions are "a true witness and faithful exposition of the Holy Scripture," and if they will "teach in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, the creeds and confessions."